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Closeboard Fencing

In our opinion closeboard fencing represents the best value for money for strength and longevity. We are sure that you will agree that it also looks fantastic. It requires little or no maintenance and will last many years. All of the timber used is pressure treated and comes from renewable sources.

This type of fencing allows a great deal of flexibility in design. It can be constructed to pretty much any height, even allowing for changes in height and can be tailored to suit almost any site.

Our closeboard fences are constructed from the following materials:

  • 100mm (4") Posts - Concreted into the ground to a minimum depth of 600mm (2')
  • 150mm (6") Gravel Boards - Screwed to posts.
  • 50mm (2") 'Cant' Rails - Screwed to posts. These rails have a 'cant' or slant on them to allow rain to run off.
  • 175mm (5") Featheredge planks - nailed to the rails with a 25mm (1") overlap using galvanised nails.
  • Counter rail and capping rail - screwed together and attached with screws to the top of the fence, to protect the endgrain of the planks from rain.
  • Postcaps - nailed to tops of posts to protect the endgrain from rain.

  • These fences start off looking like the picture above, but over time will begin to fade and go a silvery grey colour. It is easy to spray paint these fences in a wide variety of colours, but we would always recommend using an oil based product (best purchased from trade suppliers) as this will penetrate the wood much more effectively than a water based equivalent.