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Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is an attractive but quite rarely used form of fencing nowadays. Long lasting, it is not susceptible to wind and whilst providing a barrier does not completely screen whatever is behind it. Ideal for front gardens. Gates can also be easily built to match your fence. The pickets or pales come either 3' or 4' high and can have rounded or pointed tops. All the timber used is pressure treated and comes from renewable sources. Most people build these fences using 75mm posts. However, we would suggest considering using 100mm posts as they last a great deal longer.

We generally construct ours from the following materials:

  • 100mm (4") Posts (preferred) or 75mm (3") Posts - Concreted into the ground to a minimum depth of 600mm (2') and a maximum of 1.8 metres apart.
  • 75mmx25mm rails screwed to the posts.
  • 900mm (3') or 1200mm (4') pales nailed or screwed to the rails.
  • Post-caps - nailed to tops of posts to protect the end-grain from the weather.

  • The fence shown above was for a Community centre in Chippenham. It was quite unusual as it has thicker rails than usual and pales attached to both sides of the rails. This was because children often used the outside area for play and often kicked balls etc against the fence. Doing this meant there was less likelihood of the fence being damaged by these activities.